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To Peter Fechter. A response to “The Wall (1962)/Berlin Wall Documentary Film Video”

February 29, 2012

The Berlin wall literally cut lives in half. It separated East and West Berlin, but also the lives of mothers and their children. People on the West side watched as people jumped, ran, and scrambled for their freedom, and sometimes for their lives. Peter Fechter was an 18 year old brick laying apprentice who was shot as he scaled the wall. Communist policemen watched as he bled to death and then carried his young frame away as if his life wouldn’t be acknowledged forevermore. Image

The separation of humans is inhuman. Though there was some liberty within the confinement, the justification that a caged animal roaming within its boundaries is fine with it is ridiculous. I hope we learn from our mistakes, for each other, and for those who were effected by the faults of humanity in the past.


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