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Poetry-your preferred choice of language manipulation

January 5, 2012

Poetry is “lyrical bliss” (Demember 12). Nothing like some good poetry. I mean, look at the news guy, fresh and rejuvenated at the ting of the word ping in every other line. Poetry creates bridges that connect curious minds. Poetry goes and goes, its boundaries no one knows, it flows and grows internally until it burns thee. It yearns to be free, but cries to be contained. Poetry extinguishes fire and dries the rain. For me, manipulation of language is a crucial freedom that I cherish dearly. Poetry will never fear me, clearly it will always be superior, insulating my interior, making life all the less drearier. Poetry knows me, it knows you, and it knows the lipstick covered, slick haired guy who sleeps outside Davidson south and raps on my window for cake every night. Anything can be poetic, and that is why it is so beautiful. Smiles are universal, and so is a word, or gesture. Poetry can be acknowledged and learned from when assessed. It stimulates thought, is beautiful, is emotional, and endless. As long as we have a language there will be poetry.

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